Thursday, March 1, 2012

I seek the Write combination

Skirt: Miss Boss; Layered Tops: Pure;
Shoes: Woolworths; Neck Piece: Petro Carls

I fear that the blog is too superficial these days. Not for the focus on fashion - not at all. I'm the first to declare that there is nothing superficial about fashion, an art that someone invested into - nothing frivolous, as even those who object to fashion are wearing it.

Instead, I've felt this way recently only because I've taken the lazy way out by posting pictures, without writing. I mean, the blog was birthed from my love of writing, and since my personal style posts have proven more popular I've just not written much. But why then am I writing about this, and not just writing about something? Firstly, it's on my mind - and this is a little place to be transparent. Secondly, now I'm accountable. I've said I want to write more, now let us see me write more.
Until then.

Thanks for reading ;)

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