Monday, March 19, 2012

Bow Ties & Blazers

Some of what we wore over the weekend. 

A bow tie. 

A thrifted blazer (the pants and clutch were thrifted too).

Have a lovely week!


  1. I dont know if Im overstepping the mark here.I REALLY like that blazer- But i would like to offer a suggestion.
    I think that you shopuld change the buttons to something more simple and generic. The one's it has now kinda date it. I dunno if Im making any sense- I think replacing them with something clean and classic(no embossing, more flat shape less dombed) will make it look classic and decade-ambiguous.

    1. Hey Lungi, thank you! I am considering changing the buttons - but I quite like the gold accents. Maybe...

  2. I like this blazer as well, and your hair looks so cute like that :)


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