Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wild Child

Skirt: Vintage; Top: Picadilly; Neckpiece: YDE; Blazer: Trubok;
 Bag: Sowearto; Shoes: Mr Price
This hair makes me feel pretty wild, but pretty sophisticated. No, maybe that's the blazer, or the skirt. Nevermind the not-so-wonderful look (but oh-so-wonderful skirt), I think the flatiron should retire. Do you prefer natural hair? If you're comment shy, chat to me on twitter.


Have a lovely evening!
p.s. have you seen my earlier post?


  1. You have the most gorgeous curls! So jealous!
    My hair is curly too but more frizzy than anything else... I can't not straighten mine, it would be horrendous!


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