Wednesday, February 8, 2012

THANK YOU - again!

Vintage Shorts: Fruitcake; Top: Picadilly; Shoes: Cotton On; Belt: Amber Jones;
Bag: Vintage King Street; Watch: Tomato; Glasses: Mr Price

I wore this yesterday, to work - and then to my second Image Consulting Class at House of Janine. I think it's a typical representation of my personality - though my mood often has the final say. 

Thanks to my colleague Lerato for these pictures.

Thanks so much for reading. Because you do, the blog has just passed the 20 000 mark! Amaaaazing! It feels like just yesterday that I celebrated the big 10 000! SO, there is another big giveaway coming up - for two ladies. Here's a hint: it could be your little pamper session...

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  1. Lovely bag! And I like yellow splash in this outfit.

    1. Thanks Tanya! Adore these yellow shoes ;)

  2. Yay!! Here's to another 20 000. Well done friend! your blog is awesome. xoxo

    1. Thanks friend! We need to see each other soon man!


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