Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On February 29th, this Vintage dress.

Dress: Vintage from Lost & Found; Shoes: Cotton On; Bag: ALDO; 

I adore this dress! And I'm wearing it for. the. first. time! I cannot believe it took me this long. I mean, I got it ages ago - I think as far back as Lost & Found's second bidding, and that's a very long time ago. An ironing mishap ruined this beauty at the hemline (and wasn't the one ironing!), but I had it shortened and voilà! Salvaged!

And on another who-cares note, I'm currently obsessed with wearing two chunky rings together. It just adds edge to a simple getup. And I like to imagine that I'm an edgy girl. Let's pretend shall we?

Thank you for checking in. I hope you're having a good week?! With it being February 29th and all, I've put most pieces at Rogero Thrift on sale - today only. Go see it here.



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  2. Oh Nastassja, you look ADORABLE!!!
    This dress was made for you... So pretty!


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