Friday, January 27, 2012

Signature Syle

Pants: Zara; Top: Picadilly; Shoes & Bag: ALDO;
Necklace: MSC Boutique; Glasses: Fruitcake Vintage

This is what I was wearing behind the lens of our little photoshoot on the weekend. Granny glasses, and a loud colour block. Oh, and hair that didn't care. I felt very confident, but everyone kept asking about these glasses! I think it's all thanks to my mood on this particular day, because I am rarely this brave.

I often think about how we'll look at pictures (and me, this blog) one day, and say "whaaat was I thinking!?". More so our children and grandchildren! "That's soooo ancient!" I imagine them saying, like we often say to our parents aged style. This is why, I think, we should find our own style amidst the trends. For instance, this colour block thing may last but a minute (already monotone dressing is it), but if your personality relates to it - it's yours to keep. No matter the stares. While it's good to evolve, it's great that we can go through the years and still have a signature style.

That's when you are most comfortable, and confident, in your own skin.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Weekend!


  1. Love this look! It's totally you!
    I think your granny glasses are so chic! Love them!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Laiqah, I'm glad that you said it's totally me. Right now, as you can tell from the text, it's vital that I represent me. ;)


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