Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Running in [Oxford] Heels

Unless I'm working away, I rarely dress for practical reasons. What I wear is usually determined by my mood. But not today. Today, I'm practical. I have a long day, because I start my first Image & Style Consultant class tonight - which I am thrilled about! These Oxfords, though heeled, will take me into the night comfortably. And how awesome are they?! 

And these MC Hammer pants? Genius! Nothing like saggy pants for comfort, no tight skirts here (oooh, check out the follow-up post Amy did on tight skirts!). Yes, I loaded this post with links. Sorry.

Pants: Meltz; Top: Amber Jones for Mr Price; Blazer: Fashion Express;
Shoes & Watch: Mr Price; Bag: Forever New; Belt: YDE; Earrings: Flee Market; Ring: YDE

Thanks to my colleague Smanga for these pictures.

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