Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old & New

Dress: Fruitcake; Belt: Pure; Shoes: Cotton On; Earrings: Mr Price; Watch: Tomato

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I love this Vintage dress I that picked up from Fruitcake the other day. Without a belt, it does nothing for me - but belted, it's a winner. Especially if the belt is this gorgeous coral colour. The belt came with a dress of the same colour, by Pure.

I love that you don't have to be costumey with Vintage- instead, mix it up with modern pieces and give it new life.

Thanks for coming by, and thank you to my friend and fellow blogger Tumi for these pictures. Visit her blog here, and here. She is one talented girl.



  1. Replies
    1. Me too! It's my new favourite pair! ;)

  2. tell me, which sa retailer would you compare Cotton On to in terms of the quality of thier shoes

    1. Hi Lungi. Thank you for your comment. I haven't thought about that. Maybe AWOL? Not sure really. They are cheaper than the ALDO's but I doubt the quality is the same.



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