Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coral Lips, and Mobile Blogging

I'm an impatient person, it's one of the things I'm constantly aware of because I really want (need) to learn patience.

The other thing I am, is set in my ways with particular things, like following one - and only one - route to a place (that could be due to my lack of direction, but let's stay focused: set in my ways). Or, like being uneasy with technology.

And that's where these two traits meet. Urgh! Technology (case in point: mobile blogging) is testing my patience and my one dimensional perspective.

That said, the one-picture-posts; and lack of posts altogether, is me battling this (not so) new technology.
I have all these fancy tools, but dumb fingers!

Bleh. Here's a picture taken on my Blackberry (apparently your don't call it 'phone'). I love coral lips. Do you?

xxx via email blogging - baby steps ;)

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