Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Skirt: Miss Boss; Top: Pure; Jacket: Jay Jay's; Bag: Free; Shoes: Foschini; Bracelet & Earrings: Gifted

If you're in a rigid workplace, this look is office appropriate. Or is it? Hm, the skirt may be too tight (because, let me tell you - it's tight) or too short. I say or because we may often get away with one extreme, as long as it's the only one.

I tried masking the skirt's fit with a longer top - and I think I did alright. Let me tell you though, I'm glad I don't walk up and down corridors all day! I'm in an easy-going office environment and I don't think this skirt is that bad anyway, but it provokes my personal don't list.

What's on your personal list of don'ts?

By the way, I intended on pointing out the mixed textures of this outfit, but it's not as hot a topic as tight skirts ;)


Thanks to my colleague Smanga for these pictures.

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  1. wow i dont think the skirt is inappropraite at all! Does it kind of go back to the underlying mentality that women shouldn't be in the workplace, and therefore we should minimize our 'womanliness' and hide our shape(s)? I mean obviously there is appropriate and inappropriate, but I dont think this falls into the latter....


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