Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Running in [Oxford] Heels

Unless I'm working away, I rarely dress for practical reasons. What I wear is usually determined by my mood. But not today. Today, I'm practical. I have a long day, because I start my first Image & Style Consultant class tonight - which I am thrilled about! These Oxfords, though heeled, will take me into the night comfortably. And how awesome are they?! 

And these MC Hammer pants? Genius! Nothing like saggy pants for comfort, no tight skirts here (oooh, check out the follow-up post Amy did on tight skirts!). Yes, I loaded this post with links. Sorry.

Pants: Meltz; Top: Amber Jones for Mr Price; Blazer: Fashion Express;
Shoes & Watch: Mr Price; Bag: Forever New; Belt: YDE; Earrings: Flee Market; Ring: YDE

Thanks to my colleague Smanga for these pictures.

Thanks for coming by,

Monday, January 30, 2012

Shoes and Frills

Every December the concert and graduation ceremony of Chip 'n Dale, a day care centre that has been in my family for years, is an unmissable event. Mom will take very little excuses - you have to be there! And you have to help out ;)

It's always a rewarding experience - who can resist the smile of a child?

I played photographer at last year's special day and was fascinated by the little girls' shoes. What good taste!

Pretty shoes.

And the frills.

Have a good week!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Signature Syle

Pants: Zara; Top: Picadilly; Shoes & Bag: ALDO;
Necklace: MSC Boutique; Glasses: Fruitcake Vintage

This is what I was wearing behind the lens of our little photoshoot on the weekend. Granny glasses, and a loud colour block. Oh, and hair that didn't care. I felt very confident, but everyone kept asking about these glasses! I think it's all thanks to my mood on this particular day, because I am rarely this brave.

I often think about how we'll look at pictures (and me, this blog) one day, and say "whaaat was I thinking!?". More so our children and grandchildren! "That's soooo ancient!" I imagine them saying, like we often say to our parents aged style. This is why, I think, we should find our own style amidst the trends. For instance, this colour block thing may last but a minute (already monotone dressing is it), but if your personality relates to it - it's yours to keep. No matter the stares. While it's good to evolve, it's great that we can go through the years and still have a signature style.

That's when you are most comfortable, and confident, in your own skin.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old & New

Dress: Fruitcake; Belt: Pure; Shoes: Cotton On; Earrings: Mr Price; Watch: Tomato

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I love this Vintage dress I that picked up from Fruitcake the other day. Without a belt, it does nothing for me - but belted, it's a winner. Especially if the belt is this gorgeous coral colour. The belt came with a dress of the same colour, by Pure.

I love that you don't have to be costumey with Vintage- instead, mix it up with modern pieces and give it new life.

Thanks for coming by, and thank you to my friend and fellow blogger Tumi for these pictures. Visit her blog here, and here. She is one talented girl.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Skirt: Miss Boss; Top: Pure; Jacket: Jay Jay's; Bag: Free; Shoes: Foschini; Bracelet & Earrings: Gifted

If you're in a rigid workplace, this look is office appropriate. Or is it? Hm, the skirt may be too tight (because, let me tell you - it's tight) or too short. I say or because we may often get away with one extreme, as long as it's the only one.

I tried masking the skirt's fit with a longer top - and I think I did alright. Let me tell you though, I'm glad I don't walk up and down corridors all day! I'm in an easy-going office environment and I don't think this skirt is that bad anyway, but it provokes my personal don't list.

What's on your personal list of don'ts?

By the way, I intended on pointing out the mixed textures of this outfit, but it's not as hot a topic as tight skirts ;)


Thanks to my colleague Smanga for these pictures.

Thanks for coming by,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rogero Thrift

I called on some pretty ladies in the family, and we had a little photoshoot - the rain tried to ruin it, but we found a dry corner. Take a look at these pictures. These lovelies know just how.

Thank you to my sisters-in-law Lee-Anne & Janine, and cousin-sister Lackan,
my beautiful models.

I played stylist, make-up artist & photographer.

Most of these [vintage] pieces are for sale via Rogero Thrift so email me if you're interested. It's a thrift store, so it has been worn before - it's incredible, and cheap. I like it cheap ;)

Thank you for coming by, have a lovely day.

Monday, January 23, 2012


I came across this cute Vintage store in Johannesburg - Fruitcake. Husband and I visited. It does not stink of cat, and there is definitely that vintage ambience about it. Must DO.

One half on the management.

Oh, and this is what we wore ;)

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I'm wearing shoes by ALDO; Vintage shorts from Time and a Few Moths;
top by Pure; bag & hat by Mr Price; necklace by Foschini

Thanks for coming by, have a fruity week (sorry, I couldn't help myself :) )!