Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shop's Open

Everything from Mr Price - the shoes, from their Amber Jones range

Thrifted Bag

Aldo Watch

This bag is one of my first thrifted pieces and as you've noticed throughout various posts, my infatuation with thrifting has only intensified. Hence, I'm opening shop (click 'shop' or visit the 'Shop' tab above)! So, if you're not a fan of stinky corners - I'll bring the goods to you at ridiculously low prices because I enjoy searching through endless bundles of previously-loved pieces and finding something unique.

Some of the items you'll find are from my own closet. So, go shop!

*also find the store on facebook here.

Thanks for coming by, here's to new ventures!


  1. I think thats a brilliant idea Nastassja.........the shopping on my behalf that is. Its almost as though you can become that persons stylist.

  2. you have a beautiful blog! and I looove your style! x

  3. That bag is beautiful, it looks great with the look you put together!!

  4. I am a new thrifter and blogger. Thrifting is very very addictive so I completely feel you on that one.

    I absolutely love the way you put this outfit together - and the red pumps are to die for. Are they suede?

    I love your blog - check out my super new blog if you'd like


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