Friday, November 11, 2011

Putting ME Together - guest post

Meet my good friend, Verna. She is a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, homemaker and career woman. I'm letting her tell you how we can all be fabulous at any age, any colour, any size! Because she's one super fabulous woman!

Taken by my Aunt Ronel

with the Hubby

Taken by my Aunt Ronel
*unless specified, pictures taken by Nastassja

May I share some personal notes with you? I'm no expert - I just walk this walk every day. I remind myself of this stuff all the time because I'm striving to be the best me.

First, know why you should care. Image is a perception – just an idea of, well, you. And we've heard before; first impressions are lasting!
It's stressful and can make every woman feel uncomfortable but image is a crucial part of your everyday life - it can affect your mood, your attitude and ultimately, your success.

A basis for looking good is personal grooming. From hair to toenails - take care of every part of you, both hands - two feet. Keep it neat (that rhyme was intentional, thank you very much!).
And smell good! Good scent; good breath - the works!

On to the outer part ---
If you have problem weight areas, and believe me - we all do: skinny arms, bulging tummy, whatever - hide it. Wear a scarf or appealing jewelry. Wear a top with a frilly collar that demands attention. Wear a big bag! This is amazing. A huge bag immediately makes your waist shrink! A belt around the waist also draws that bulge in. The options are endless!

But never settle for 'bad areas'. While you dress in a way that hides it, work towards diminishing it. Work out (not my personal favorite!), eat healthy meals - whatever works for you.

Finding your own style is like finding your signature: no two will ever be the same.
Find your look - with clothing, colours, and accessories. Know you assets. Don't just focus on hiding what you think are bad areas, but focus on highlighting the goods! And pleeeeease ---- avoid oversized clothes. You may think it hides the weight but it only multiplies it. Instead, invest in underwear that shapes your unmentionables! Put everything back in its place - 'cause we know gravity wants to take all down!

Know your body and realise every trend is not for you. Be picky with what you wear. For instance, if you don't know how to wear a sheer piece avoid it altogether. A guide is to determine how you feel - when you don't feel good, it probably is not good!

Something we should all practice is good posture. It can make your body appear slimmer regardless of your gender. Like your mother said, stand up straight!

The combination of discovering my own abilities and understanding how to take advantage of what I already have did wonders for my confidence. And this confidence led to my success - though still in progress. You've heard it before: confidence is the key in wearing anything, with grace and elegance - not arrogance and pride.

Ladies, stay fabulous. Let's do life.


  1. Love it... Thanks sister Verna... I must work on the "STAND UP STRAIGHT" part... lazy abs!

  2. nice tips....she is well pretty btw

  3. She's so classy and elegant. Love that emerald necklace.

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  4. Wow, she is VERY stylish!!!

    thanks for sharing :)

    XXX The Sydney Girl

  5. Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :) and I love your red bag :)


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