Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Market on Main

On the weekend we went to Market on Main, for. the. first. time. Gulp. The market hopes to become an unmissable event, and I think they're succeeding. They offer food (from jams in cute jars to organic vegetables) and design. I'm after the latter, really. Thrift and vintage stores gather here every Sunday and on this particular day the husband got himself a darling leather satchel that I'll borrow often, while I scored a cute leopard print shorts!

The Market is aptly situated on Arts on Main, the cultural hub of Jo'burg. Night markets are hosted every Thursday, and I'm keen to experience it soon. I love Johannesburg, and the things it has to offer so I'm set on finding these little treasures that make being a Jo'burger sweet.

*All pictures above taken by Nastassja

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  1. Looks like a very cool market.



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