Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I've already shared bits and pieces from our home - here, here and most recently, here. To document my journey with décor, as it evolves, here're some recent pictures of the little details. Because the detail is what makes your home yours.

Wall art from Home Etc.

The Husband and I are avid readers and this is a portion of the little library

Pictures from my travels, one on right taken by Lwazi

Sweet words (art from Home Etc.)

Quirky things to look at, and of course you'll find magazines too.

One of my teapots on display - a vintage pretty

A little doll my grandmother brought me from her travels years ago

Wall art (from @Home & Mr Price Home), of places we'll visit one day

Antique coat closet from my Mama

Note Board from Mr Price Home

Fridge notes - and memories, and reminders, and food delivery menu!

More memories, and Recipes

Mannequin for jewelry and shoe of the week on display ;)

More shoes ;)

Headboard by Dad, and other greys

Gotta love love.
*These pictures were taken by me.

Thank you for coming by. Hope you were inspired to focus on the little things!


  1. your place is beautiful - quirky and classy.

  2. where did you get the shoes of the week? I saw them @ fashion - by Mr Price but i cant find them anywhere!

  3. I've responded to Arlene offline, but if others are keen - the red shoes are from Mr Price at Eastgate.


  4. <3 lives here....... <3 it;-)

  5. Guess the <3 don't work here....meant to say Love Lives Here....Love it (but then you already knew that)

  6. Just beautiful details. I love that yellow teapot. Makes such a nice curio.

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  7. Your shoe organization is fabulous! I need to do something like that, as currently my shoes are taking over the closet floor!

  8. The yellow tea kettle is beautiful. My mother recently found a vintage one similar to this one. Have a wonderful day!

    XX Hilary

  9. i like your ideas and the style of this blog.

    Check out mine i let me know what do you think about?


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