Monday, November 21, 2011

Glitz & Glamour

I'm super blessed to be a part of the Worship Team at church. This weekend we celebrated 2011, red carpet style. Here're a few pictures of some of the lovely people saying "cheeeese".

Husband and I

From left, my georgeous sister-in-law Lee-Anne
and my good friend Verna

Great legs on you ladies!

From left: Dale, Elize, Taturm, Natasha
and the lovely couple Darren and Arlene

Loved the short dresses!

From left: Elize, Tatum and Natasha

WOW to that colour Tatum!

From left: Kathleen, Elize, Joyce, Natasha, Tatum,
my hubby Darryl, and Darren

The lovely Linda!

The back is so fun Linda! And where did you put your children hot mama?!

Sizzing - Linda, Annelise and Ronel

Some of us ;)

With the gorgeous Veniva

Arlene and Sindy strike a pose

The guys: Dean, Glisson, Darren, Darryl (Husband)
and Ryan

I'm biased, so guess who I'm looking at?

From left: Bianca, Reubyn, Veniva

What pretty smiles! Lucy, Joyce, Elize

I wore a dress from New Girls, Accessories from Sassy Diva
and a vintage black clutch from Lost & Found
Thank you for coming by.
Have a fantastic week!


  1. that dress is toooo Gorgeous! you looked stunning dear.

  2. Looks like you Guys had an amazing time and that dress looks amazing. Lovin the hair accesory aswell

  3. o wow...Y'all look nice!!!best photo=husband & I

  4. Nice pics... everybody looked STUNNING!!!


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