Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Three Thoughts

Jeans: (old) Legit; Shirt: Vintage Shoes: Woolworths;
Trench Vest/Dress: Karen Millen;
Bag: Sowearto; Sunglasses: Elle magazine

Thank you to my colleague Smanga for these pictures.

One. I'm thinking that I really like this shirt I wore the other day, when it was rainy, and a little bit cold. I'm learning that you don't have to wear a period piece the way it was worn in that period - mix it up. Like this one - untucked, skinny jeans and an edgier vest.

Two. I think about my ballet days a lot. I do regret quitting (can I start again?) - despite the 'you'll grow frog feet' scare. I mean, I already own my not-so-bad posture to my ballet days. Anyway - that's not what I'm thinking now. What I am thinking about is that award I received one year - Most Conscientious. I remember that I didn't know exactly what it meant, but I was disappointed that I wasn't named Best Dancer, or something that sounded more like first prize.

Now that I know a few more words than that little girl, I know conscientiousness is a good trait to have. I hope she left that for me to use.

  • involving or taking great care; painstaking; diligent; careful; meticulous; particular
  • governed by or done according to conscience

Be careful with the words you speak. Be careful with the friends you choose. Be careful with the decisions you make.  Be careful. Be thoughtful. Don't be so careful that you do not stop to enjoy the things this life has to offer. But be careful; because while there may be a second chance, there is always a consequence.

Just some thoughts, thank you for reading.

p.s. Three. New stock is in the shop.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All of us, and one Giveaway Winner!

We went to a wedding, and this is what we wore:

Dress: YDE; Blazer: Trubok; Shoes: Sissy Boy; Necklace: MSC Boutique;
Jewelry: Gifted; Sunglasses: Elle Magazine; Thrifted Clutch

Sis-in-law scorching hot in animal print. this shoe!

Husband knows that the answer for summer heat is Linen!

Now, onto more important things --- giveaway winner! These pretty earrings go to...

...Nadia of Cupcake Couture!

Thanks to Lwazi for drawing the winner.

Please email me at, with your postal address details Nadia - your gift will soon be on its way!

Thanks for entering guys, and thanks for reading. Huge giveaway coming up!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hughes

My gorgeous cousin got married yesterday. It was a beautiful day, and I'm very proud. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, Mr & Mrs! 

Here's a peek:

My brothers: on the ends; in the centre: Dad & Husband

Sis-in-law, lovely Lee-Anne

Another gorgeous sis-in-law, Janine

And my Mama!

Like Mother like Daughter pose.
Dress: YDE; Shoes: Errol Arendz; Bag: YDE
Ring & Earrings (that you cannot see): Sassy Diva 

Thank  you for coming by, have a great week. Remember, the giveaway closes tomorrow.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Some Vintage Love

Pants: Foschini; Vintage Shirt: Vintage Lover; Shoes: ALDO;
Bag: Gifted; Earrings: Sassy Diva; Watch: Gifted Tomato

I adore this shirt. It's the perfect fit, which I don't find easily with vintage pieces, and it has a fun shape - especially the sleeves!

I dressed it down this time but it can easily be worn with a pencil skirt and heels, and a zillion other ways! The key with a piece like this, I think, is that it's the star of the show - don't let other elements try to compete.

Let me tell you a little about Vintage Lover - the concept is not something new, but the attention to detail and customer care is one-of-a-kind. Items come wrapped in paper, with a lovely little postcard and something sweet too! How did Vintage Lover know I had a sweet tooth (yes, the moment I open the package, I feel like her only customer)?! Bottom line, I enjoy the experience offered - and the clothing piece is the guarantee that the experience doesn't end there. 

Thanks to Lwazi for these pictures.

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Have a great Friday people - it's the weekend!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Clothing Swap

Dress: Charity Swap; Shoes: China Town; Bag: Sowearto;
Sunglasses: ELLE magazine; Necklace: YDE; Earrings: Gifted

I love that this dress is sophisticated in its shape, yet the bold colours and print give it a playful edge. There's no label attached; I think it's handmade. I got it through a charity swap I did more than a year ago. The idea was to multiply donated clothes by having people 'buy' an item with 2 or more items of their own.

Another swap will be happening soon, so check back for event details. You may email me here if you're interested to know more. I'm hoping for bigger, and better!

Lwazi took these pictures

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Have a lovely day,

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

THANK YOU - Giveaway

Pants: Mr Price; Top: Piccadilly; Blazer: Threads; Shoes: China Town;
Belt: YDE; Bag & Necklace: ALDO; Ring: Sassy Diva

My colleague, Smanga, took these pictures.

I was so excited when the blog reached 10 000 hits last week, I was on a high for a couple of days - really! It has already grown substantially since then, so I'm still in that happy zone. To many long-time bloggers, this is but a baby step but it's a huge milestone for me and I'm ecstatic! I started this blog as a space to do what I love: write, and write about my little obsessions. It means the world that you're sharing in the fun.

As a small token of appreciation and heartfelt thanks - I'm giving away these one-of-a-kind, hand-made earrings that Debbie (For Ears) made! It was made for this specific purpose, with you in mind.

To enter, just follow the blog on google (or bloglovin... or via email) --- to your right --- and post a comment below. 

I'm hoping to run a few giveaways, because you made my heart so happy - so come back and check. Thank you for reading, commenting and allowing me this space to play.

Have a super day,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Tuesday

Skirt: Mr Price; Top: Edgars; Necklace: MSC Boutique;  Bag: ALDO;
Shoes: Woolworths; Sunglasses free in Elle Magazine SA December Issue

I'm in all black today for Black Tuesday (and so is Husband), in protest of the Protection of Information Bill that will likely be tabled in parliament today. 

I believe in the potential this country has and while I may not always agree with government, I'm optimistic. I love South Africa and I'm hopeful that we will grow into a country that I'll remain proud of.

I'm against the Bill as it may jeopardize freedom of expression for every South African, and foster corruption within government. While the intention may be sincere, it does offer a cover-up for dishonest individuals.

Whether you agree with my stance or not, I think you should express your view. Is it important to you?


Thanks to Smanga for these pictures.

Thank you for coming by.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Glitz & Glamour

I'm super blessed to be a part of the Worship Team at church. This weekend we celebrated 2011, red carpet style. Here're a few pictures of some of the lovely people saying "cheeeese".

Husband and I

From left, my georgeous sister-in-law Lee-Anne
and my good friend Verna

Great legs on you ladies!

From left: Dale, Elize, Taturm, Natasha
and the lovely couple Darren and Arlene

Loved the short dresses!

From left: Elize, Tatum and Natasha

WOW to that colour Tatum!

From left: Kathleen, Elize, Joyce, Natasha, Tatum,
my hubby Darryl, and Darren

The lovely Linda!

The back is so fun Linda! And where did you put your children hot mama?!

Sizzing - Linda, Annelise and Ronel

Some of us ;)

With the gorgeous Veniva

Arlene and Sindy strike a pose

The guys: Dean, Glisson, Darren, Darryl (Husband)
and Ryan

I'm biased, so guess who I'm looking at?

From left: Bianca, Reubyn, Veniva

What pretty smiles! Lucy, Joyce, Elize

I wore a dress from New Girls, Accessories from Sassy Diva
and a vintage black clutch from Lost & Found
Thank you for coming by.
Have a fantastic week!