Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You Can't Argue with the System...

Jen's post over at Black White Frames inspired me to share one of my latest buys with you.

This gorgeous bag from ALDO was priced at R499 (that's about $60), but when I got to the till it was R349 (about $40). The lady checked the tag, grabbed another bag to check it, and it scanned at R349 again. Her colleague said to her, you can't argue with the system - that's R349 M'am.

I love when that happens!

Thanks for coming by, and happy bargain hunting!


  1. loool. can't argue with the system. gorgeous bag

  2. That is such a pretty bag! I love when I get super great deals.


  3. Such an amazing bag!

  4. Gorgeous color! I have the same bag in a black/white combo, but this color definitely beats it!

    Love love love.



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