Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun and Games

This past weekend, the fun started with these:

Jeans: Gucci
Top: Piccadilly
Shoes: YDE
Necklace: YDE
Bag: Aldo
Sunglasses: Versace

And it didn't stop: flee market; special two-year-old's birthday party; and gaming in-between.

I've realised, I suck at Trivia. Or, the husband is just too good. I'm known as the loser on Buzz! Husband's the reigning champ. I seriously need to pull up my general knowledge socks. Really.


Bob the Builder was the party's theme, and every detail followed suit! Hard hats and all!

by Cake Genie

Look at the detail on those cupcakes! Yummy too!

*Unless I'm in it, I've taken all these pictures

Husband dancing with his lil' nephew
Thanks for coming by,


  1. I love your red heels, so cute. Also love those little adorable cupcakes, too cute.


  2. Those heels are amazing girl! I wish I could rock them as well as you!
    And that party is tooo cute; makes me wish I was a young-n again ♥

  3. ohhhh my goodness, those shoes rock! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com


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