Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Colour of a Woman

Shirt: Identity
Pants: Meltz
Shoes: Errol Arendz
Bag: Burberry
Necklace: YDE
Earrings and Bangles: Gifted

This outfit is a bit of a juxtaposition for me. That slouchy man pants and shoes, with this pretty girly top and accessories. The dusty pink colour of this shirt is so feminine. It's definitely been my favorite colour lately. When I go for this colour, and coral, the husband says that's the only colour I see. I love it.

Thank you for coming by, hope you're having a good week so far.


  1. Oh my days I LOVE your outfit and your make-up ! ACE ! x

  2. ooh look beautiful!!!

  3. Great blouse! Zara has some beautiful ones as well you should check it out. Superb site! Join me at my blog,

    ~ E. Dallas from STYLE. SAVVY. CHIC.
    { }

  4. i want those shoes!!!


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