Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Pants and Pizza

Pants: Mr Price
Top: Edgars
 Cropped Jacket: Foschini
Shoes: Rage
Bag: Sowearto
Earrings: YDE

I'm happy to be posting these pictures, that's why I couldn't wait and left you a little teaser here on Friday. I'm happy because it's shot at a different location for a change. I'm so tired of bland backgrounds!

 Lwazi snapped these pictures while on a lunch run at Eastgate Shopping Mall last week. I was starving and had a slice of pizza (a favorite!) from The Bread Basket. I always love their pizza, and can never wait to eat it. Anything with olives is great. Looking at all the other pictures I shouldn't walk-and-eat - it's not pretty.

Thank you for coming by.
p.s. I'm a little sad. The Boks lost to Australia yesterday and they're coming home from the World Cup games today.



  1. I'm literally going to run to my nearest Rage and buy those shoes!
    They are knock off's of Jessica Simpson shoes called Dany, I almost bought a pair online but thought let me wait until SA stores catch up with a similar pair.
    Do they have them in plain colours too? Even though I LOVE the leopard print!

  2. awesome pants! i love that color. and you totally rock the short hairdo. love it.


  3. In love with your pants, shoes and bag. You have a very cute hairstyle.


  4. love your pants & it looks like they are so long you had to cuff them. as a very tall lady I am always looking for pants that are long enough.

  5. Your shoes are to die for! Love the whole look!

  6. the blue pants are killer! and i love a fabulous-looking blog girl who eats pizza! ;)

  7. I love your shoes!!


  8. You have the greatest hair! :-)

    I found your blog randomly and thought I would say hi. You have such a great little spot here! Come on over and check out my brand new blog...I think you'll really like it!


  9. The blue pants are great. They really show off those AWESOME shoes!

  10. LOVVVVE those shoes!! <3


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