Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DO Fashion Don'ts

Jeans: Gucci
Shirt: Identity
Blazer: Mr Price
Shoes: Luella
Bag: Truworths
Necklace: So old I forgot

I related this post to Fashion Don'ts because I think I committed a few today. I wore my slouchy 'boyfriend-ish' jeans with a loose, long shirt - instead of a fitted, shapely, top as would be advised.

Perhaps worsening my crime, I added a shorther-than-the-top blazer, which was pure accident as I grabbed this before heading out the door. A bigger bag probably would've made greater impact for that "I'm a busy lady" look. But I don't analyse like this ahead of dressing each morning. 

Ultimately, I think it works. I usually dress very casually on Wednesdays because my Wednesday mornings are a rush. Yet, I feel put together. That's another thing I love about fashion - though there are many 'rules' there really are none. Experimenting is the only rule you should stick to.

Thank you to my colleague Smanga for these pictures

Thank you for coming by, enjoy your day!


  1. Amazing look ! I love your jacket!! Great shoes!! Nice blog! You wanna follow each other? :)

  2. Okay I see the short hair!! love it! ;)

  3. Love your Outfit !
    Love S.
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