Monday, August 22, 2011

When the weekend's over

It's a sunny Monday morning and this is what I'm wearing.

let's ignore my weird eyes

let's also ignore the funny colour of my legs

Top: Pure
Cardigan: Mr Price
 Skirt: Mr Price
Shoes: Woolworths
Bag: Gift
Necklace: Aldo
Earrings: YDE

This weekend was so chilled. We didn't go anywhere. Ok we went one place, on Saturday, to a cafe around the corner, sat on our phones or whatever and ate pizza and had milkshake.

Sunday we had my folks over for lunch. I made chicken curry and pasta. My dad is a picky one. He never eats pasta, and chicken curry is something he will always eat. It's simple. We joked about how I didn't dare make anything fancy because he won't eat it. Or, he'll eat it but tell you he doesn't like it. Picky. He had seconds, so I guess my curry's good. 

In between these events of our uneventful weekend, husband and I ate popcorn and sweets in bed. Very chilled.

What husband wore on Saturday

What I wore on Saturday: New clogs by Luella; Jeans by Jet; Top by Mr Price; Cardigan by Pure; Necklace by YDE

Here are some of the things that made my weekend sweet:

Husband's proudly South African sneakers

Giant popcorn in bed with a movie - Frankie & Alice

Gummy Sweets in bed

Chocolate milkshake for me!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

p.s. happy one year anniversary to the blog! It started a year ago, as a writing outlet - which I should do more of - and so it evolved. I look forward to many blogging adventures.


  1. so nice shoes!!

  2. cute skirt I love the button detail... Thanks for recognizing that the woman in my post from Friday is not me. ;)


  3. First skirt is awesome1
    have a nice day
    sara C.

  4. I just came across your blog, it is lovely! You have bunch of great pictures :)

    classy & fabulous


  5. LOVE the clogs. Couldn't stop staring at them.

    Also - great blog you have here. You and your husband are a fashionable pair :)

    Happy new follower.


  6. I really like your top, the print is great! And your necklace is cute too :)


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