Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Highlights, and the clothes we wore!

Friday Night Movie: Captain America, which I did not like. I've also determined that I do not like 3D movies - the glasses irritate me and I find myself taking it off halfway through the film.

Pants - Vigoss
White Top - Mr Price
Knit - Meltz
Belt - China Town?

Saturday - Glisson's Farewell Party, white and jeans:

Pants - Gucci
Shirt - Foschini
Jacket - Identity
Belt - China Town?
Necklace - YDE

Glisson leaves for Dubai this week and it was a sad night, having to say good bye - but we had loads of fun!

Sunday Church:

Jeans - Gucci
Shoes - via Picidilly
Shirt - Meltz

And the hubby ready for work this morning: 

And that's the weekend wrap. Tomorrow we celebrate women here in South Africa as it's National Women's Day. And I celebrate something else too - which you'll hear about tomorrow!

Have a super week!


  1. I loved Captain America - it must be the tomboy in me :)

  2. I wanted more! I expected it to be more Superhero-ish?


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