Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Little Bun

Blouse: Vintage via Lost & Found
Pants: Legit
Cropped Jacket: Foschini
Shoes: China Town
Bag: The Hub
Earrings: Mom
Sunglasses: YDE

I got this jacket on sale a while ago and have wanted to wear it since. Finally. The shirt I got at a bargain price via Lost & Found, my source of all things vintage. The bun, well... that's home made hence it's a lil droopy but I celebrate because my hair's officially long enough for an attempted bun!

I'm out on a work shoot today, in the dust - but decided to dress as if I'm not shooting anyway. You don't want to know what I look like when I'm out usually!

Don't you love how the sun gave me a bald spot where my 'baby hair' is supposed to be! Urgh,

Thanks to my colleague, Matthew Cowles for these pictures of me

And I managed to snap the husband as he was leaving this morning, but I don't know where his clothes are from:

Thanks for checking in, love!


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