Thursday, July 14, 2011

Celebrate the Winter sunshine

Top: Mr Price
Cardigan: Meltz
Pants: Pure
Shoes: Errol Arendz
Bag: China Town
Necklaces: Aldo

Today feels like a warmer winter's day so I managed to slip on these favourite shoes, as apposed to boots. I got them at a massive sale - definitely a proud buy. Another proud moment is pairing gold and silver jewelry together today! I feel like it works?

It's Thursday and I have a lot to get done - although I feel like dreaming of shopping and eating all day. Ah, if only.

All these pictures were taken by my colleague Smanga Mdluli

Thanks for checking in. Have a fantastic Thursday!


  1. Great bag!
    Follow each other? :)


  2. love, love, love this look... Laid back and the colours look good together. I would've never thought of matching it up like that... Umm, can I have my shoes back now please... Stunning pair... Wow!!


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