Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy One Year Petersens!

On Friday, Darryl and I celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary.

How quickly it had arrived!

We made a long weekend of it: took Friday off, stayed under the covers (especially after our late night with Trevor Noah); had a yummy homemade breakfast (even made heart shaped scones, it's doesn't get any sweeter than that!) and then headed out. We made lots of time for my favourite thing - shopping! Then ended off the day with dinner and D's favourite - a movie.

Of course, there were frills in between... ending the weekend off with family and a cuppa tea.

To add to the list of spoils (one to be blogged about in the decor department hmmm) the 'Anniversary Shoot' happens in two weeks - aaah, call it the Anniversary month! *look out for the Domestic Bliss pics

What thrills me most, I won't only have him for the month - but "until death do us part". Won't stop celebrating that!

Breakfast is served

Gold Reef City and some arcade games after the Trevor Noah show

Love you Rog!

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