Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy One Year Petersens!

On Friday, Darryl and I celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary.

How quickly it had arrived!

We made a long weekend of it: took Friday off, stayed under the covers (especially after our late night with Trevor Noah); had a yummy homemade breakfast (even made heart shaped scones, it's doesn't get any sweeter than that!) and then headed out. We made lots of time for my favourite thing - shopping! Then ended off the day with dinner and D's favourite - a movie.

Of course, there were frills in between... ending the weekend off with family and a cuppa tea.

To add to the list of spoils (one to be blogged about in the decor department hmmm) the 'Anniversary Shoot' happens in two weeks - aaah, call it the Anniversary month! *look out for the Domestic Bliss pics

What thrills me most, I won't only have him for the month - but "until death do us part". Won't stop celebrating that!

Breakfast is served

Gold Reef City and some arcade games after the Trevor Noah show

Love you Rog!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Citrus Affair

My friend is sprussing  up her home a bit, and playing with red and orange against a white backdrop. So, I've found a workable vision that may help her - or you.

Here's the initial inspiration: white.

Then, red or orange - or in this case, red and orange with neutral browns.

Oh I love this next one - really maxes out the effect of red with white.

my new favourite thing, the open shelves (below), in similar shades so the eye is not distracted by all-sorts...

and then, pairing red/orange with grey (still with white too)...


 and the finale >>> if you're not as bold as the home owners above, add a single bold item or two, like this fantastic striking chair!