Monday, February 14, 2011

One for the girls, Shoe Cupboard!

                                  It's not a unique addiction, but yes - I'm a shoe addict.

And when I hit the 50 mark (50 shoes, not years - concentrate boys!), finding shoes - and keeping them in good form - was a nightmare! So a picture of a Shoe Cupboard emerged in my head: departments for pairs, doors, and stainless steel wire mesh - yes, the type you use for a chicken coop.

I relayed this Brilliant idea to Dad a few years ago, voila - he turned it into reality and it's never left me since.

Now I get a full glance of all the shoes, find the pair that speaks to me on That day, and storage is easy. And looking at beautiful shoes is a dream!

Here are other pretty ways to store YOUR collection:

p.s. as soon as the space allows, we'll have to think up a bigger version of this cupboard for the hubby's hundreds!

*various internet sources used


  1. Wow!! That is sooooo clever lady!! Doesn't your dad want to make a few more and sell it to us girlies...loL! Think Ill have one made too... Thanks for the idea doll. Love this blog of yours!! xx

  2. never really thought of this1 great actually FAB ideas!luf it

  3. Thanks girls, I'd write even without an audience but you make it so worthwhile! ;-)


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