Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Matters - Our Wedding Day

As our first anniversary approaches, I'm reflecting on (and finally blogging about)
our wedding day.

"The 25th March 2010 fell within a rainy week, yet that morning the sun came out and the weather remained perfect all day. That set the tone because The Wedding was so close to perfect!"

Let's backtrack. I woke up and my parents had left for the wedding venue to check on things before coming back to ready themselves for the big day. I hadn't made a hairdressing appointment because I figured I'd go to my usual hair guru (I had decided very early on that my hair and make up would not be foreign but strictly Nastassja, something my soon-to-be-husband will still appreciate, and recognise! So I also did my own make up). I called up a good friend and she took me to do my hair - eek, the salon was still closed - so back home again until 9am.

Laurelle was shocked, "You don't even look phased Nastassja, like you're getting married today!"

Perhaps I should be ashamed, but I wasn't 'phased'. I had been specific about the wedding I want and I left it at that. I wasn't totally numb to the fact that I am getting married, but I constantly reminded myself that no matter how we get there - the day will come, and at the end of the day - despite things that could go wrong, I will be married to the one I love. That mattered.

So despite the rain that morning that had the entire family on their knees; the inflated cupcakes that never got their fame as wedding favours; the slightly off balance cake that demanded creativity from the photographer; the third strand of necklace pearls that broke; the music that was not so specific to what we wanted; and (I laugh at this real hard now), the groom and his boys passing us (The Bride) on the way to the venue - we had no day-ruining-hicupps and I really had the best wedding day I could imagine.  

The folks didn't hesitate at any dream of mine. My mom was always behind the scenes - her mind working overtime with ideas, and her hands anxiously awaiting the next job! Dad even had his hand in making bows! That mattered.

Held at Shepstone Gardens (which was the first and only venue we looked at!), with many small intimate spaces - the theme of Old Hollywood vintage was so appropriate! We wanted vintage elegance, yet casual quirky.

My designer and Pure genius Aunty (pun intended! ie, Designer and Owner of Pure Clothing) made my dramatic gown - I had seen pictures of the gown before and finally settled on it, despite the risky black lace detail. She added a ruffled detail to the gown, which would have been dull otherwise. Aunty Kathy also made the flower girls' cute polka dot dresses, and Maid of Honour's rose dress.

The food was great (my darling Chef cousin, Lavina - who can be found at Thornbirds), treated us deliciously!

The planner, Gareth John Roberts (fb him!), also a cousin (I know, I called in all my hook ups didn't I!) - brought stunning ideas to my mix matched idea for table settings and other decor details.

Marelize and Branden, of Marelize Schmahl Photography, captured every moment that I cannot put to words! That mattered lots.


Beside all these details that made for a pretty day, my husband and I had a fantastic time - with our family and friends at our side, we said I do - and that mattered most. 

*We were gifted with a special honeymoon to Drakensburg; and a few months later treated to a weekend at Avianto as 'Bride of the Month' winners. Now we look forward to our First Anniversary, the fun continues!

Monday, February 14, 2011

One for the girls, Shoe Cupboard!

                                  It's not a unique addiction, but yes - I'm a shoe addict.

And when I hit the 50 mark (50 shoes, not years - concentrate boys!), finding shoes - and keeping them in good form - was a nightmare! So a picture of a Shoe Cupboard emerged in my head: departments for pairs, doors, and stainless steel wire mesh - yes, the type you use for a chicken coop.

I relayed this Brilliant idea to Dad a few years ago, voila - he turned it into reality and it's never left me since.

Now I get a full glance of all the shoes, find the pair that speaks to me on That day, and storage is easy. And looking at beautiful shoes is a dream!

Here are other pretty ways to store YOUR collection:

p.s. as soon as the space allows, we'll have to think up a bigger version of this cupboard for the hubby's hundreds!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vintage Motivation

One of my most favourite words is 'vintage'. Not surprisingly, it's one of my favourite decor themes too. Vintage items have romance, class, sophistication - definitely other favourite words of mine! While vintage furniture and other decor often steer away from straight lines, these days even modern items are made with vintage appeal - so no excuse!

The first picture below is an absolute favourite! So much so, it's something I'd hang on a wall - if I had the space (gulp).

Take a look at this, and the rest, for some Vintage Motivation!

The wallpaper cleverly gives the elusion of a fireplace etc.

check out these vintage stools!

vintage side table

What a gorgeous picture!

ah, a coat hanger in cream - what's not vintage about it hehe

love the chair and chandelier, paired with other straight-lined furniture to soften the place up a bit!

wallpaper, sleek side table, pretty cushions - modernly vintage

gold is vintage! I'm convinced - what a pretty frame!

looks like the entire room in decked in Original Vintage!!!

Just subtle hints, like a chandelier and ornaments - possibly the lamp bases too

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