Thursday, January 20, 2011

A small spaced lounge!

My interests changed somewhat after I got married: I now spend hours in home decor stores instead of my favourite Shoe Shop!

I'm not complaining, making your home pretty is so much fun. My venture over the last few months has been to make the most out of a small space, particularly the lounge (bearing in mind, we're trying to avoid clutter - so it has to be minimalistic; and it has to be multi-purposed!).

Here's what I found, you'll see the book shelve/decorative shelf is a hit - and of course it made it's way into my heart! It shows off pictures and other little memorabilia, while storing books and other essentials. I found that grouping similar colour items together is easier on the eye.

This is awesome! Corner couch works for a small space, and the owner put hers in front of her shelf. It works as art! see:

Again, shelving behind a couch or bed, I think this may be a bedroom, which is clever because the bed provides seating too.

Dinner for two? A four-seater table is hot! It also serves as a desk; see the clever art too  

again, a corner couch - and ottomans work wonders for more seating space yet keeps the space open

shelving on top - with a bright couch to bring some focus

girls room, again with the shelves

some books, some files, and little momorabilia stored here

Various internet sources used!


  1. I love this!! Thanks Stash... I've been going arpund on circles thinking of what to do in our home... These are awesome ideas... I love the bookshelf...


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