Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Work that decor!

Come lunch time at the office I leaned back and a little flower smiled at me. My South African flag said hello. Fun memories rushed back into my mind. Aaah, my heart started to smile!

The office environment can be dull drab, and definitely draining so I think it's so much more enjoyable to work in a space that you call your own - a fun space - so perk it up!

These are the little things that make me smile, even during the busiest day on the job!

my Twinsaver flowers and mini flag

Soft board with pictures of fun times, little inspirations and reminders

This one always makes me smile - a fun moment with the hubby

How to be happy? My happiness is in friends and family.

Some encouragement - love, 1 Cor. 13 style

Inspiration, this was during a live broadcast in Maropeng

For some ideas on how to spruce your office space up, see these:

I love this! If your desk has the wall space do pics like these, and bring a desk lamp...

If you have an entire office to yourself, make it YOURS

Flowers and dashes of colour work wonders

bring the outside in

and REALLY owning it

And remember, you don't have to be a robot! Your space can be as unique as you are!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Modern take on Antiques

I love modern decor: design, art and furniture. But I also love antiques!

Gone are the days where antiques are displayed the way it was in our grannies' kitchen/lounge/bedroom. Today, mix-and-match is the way to go with Antiques. Never turn an antique away, incorporate it into your currect decor!

I've gathered a few antiques from great-grandmothers and such, and wish for more! Sigh, one day, when the space allows...

See these pics for inspiration to mix and match antiques, before you say 'no thank you' to your granny's treasures!

Antique table with a very mod chair and other modern furniture

See the cabinet behind the three seater!

Love this! modern art, and everything else with that antique chest-of-draws as a side table!

Again, very mod chairs with Antiques (even a Antique piano can be incorporated into your modern look)

Antique chair and stool with a very funky perspex side table

Various Internet Sources

A small spaced lounge!

My interests changed somewhat after I got married: I now spend hours in home decor stores instead of my favourite Shoe Shop!

I'm not complaining, making your home pretty is so much fun. My venture over the last few months has been to make the most out of a small space, particularly the lounge (bearing in mind, we're trying to avoid clutter - so it has to be minimalistic; and it has to be multi-purposed!).

Here's what I found, you'll see the book shelve/decorative shelf is a hit - and of course it made it's way into my heart! It shows off pictures and other little memorabilia, while storing books and other essentials. I found that grouping similar colour items together is easier on the eye.

This is awesome! Corner couch works for a small space, and the owner put hers in front of her shelf. It works as art! see:

Again, shelving behind a couch or bed, I think this may be a bedroom, which is clever because the bed provides seating too.

Dinner for two? A four-seater table is hot! It also serves as a desk; see the clever art too  

again, a corner couch - and ottomans work wonders for more seating space yet keeps the space open

shelving on top - with a bright couch to bring some focus

girls room, again with the shelves

some books, some files, and little momorabilia stored here

Various internet sources used!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 - My Year of Firsts, 2011 Holiday included

January 2011! Ah, 2010 has come and gone - and it brought so much to be thankful for. My 2010 highlights were:

  • Of course, getting married to my darling Roger. The wedding of my dreams! *which I still have to blog about, in time :-)
  • The Soccer World Cup! And having a Husband to share it with (see above), and not just on the tellie - but seeing the Ghana vs. Germany match!
  • My first Christmas with hubby, and first holiday too!
  • Welcoming my niece, Leah into the world.
  • My first visit to Kenya, and ample other exciting ventures my career has allowed.
  • Relationships with friends, a bond that has grown tighter.
Now, to revisit a highlight above - what a wonderful Christmas I've just had. And what a fantastic holiday!

Christmas Eve Rog and I sat up until 12pm, having already collected gifts from our family. 12 Struck and it was just the two of us, and our mini Christmas tree. No fuss. No bells. No carols. But this moment was special: our first Christmas, and an awesome time reflecting on our love and His love for us.

Spent Christmas day with our folks: eating, laughing and eating some more - to our heart's content.

We couldn't get through New Years day quickly enough because on the 2nd January 2011 we hit the road as we journeyed towards Plettenbery Bay (with an overnight stay at Graaff-Reinet in the Karoo) - our first holiday as a married pair.

Rog and his wagon at Graaff-Reinet
It was a real blast. We didn't have a care in the world! We're told that just before we arrived in Plett, having survived the almost unbearable heat in Graaff-Reinet, the weather was miserable BUT we hit sunny shores! Of course, we went straight to the beach after checking in at the cosy Aqua Dreams Guesthouse. The sand, the sea - I miss it already!

Days followed where we visited the beach - had great fun: the water literally coming out of our ears! Rog was like a kid in a candy store in that water!

Shopping, eating... mmmmm, The Fish Shop - a tiny almost shady looking fast food place - has the most perfect fish and chips! I cannot be that close to the Cape and NOT have traditional Fish and Chips!

And more shopping :-) Yes, I don't know how I managed to cart all my bags back to Jozi.

No doubt - we spent time lazing about, I got a good solid tan to prove it!

The highlight for both Rog and I is probably the boat cruise we went on, on our last day. Although, I must admit, we were pretty sick from staring at wavy water and mist for four hours! And maybe gulping down the strawberries and cheese didn't help the matter much :-D But an incredible experience none the less. Apparently we have our 'sea legs' now :-)

Ah, holidays. Pure Bliss.

But now, back to work - back to life, the reality that can be just as blissful - afterall, we paint the colours of our lives.

Here's to 2011!