Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Ah! What a wonderful birthday weekend! *5-12-10

We stayed up on Saturday and when 12 hit the clock my darling husband gave me my fabulous gifts! Now I couldn't wait until morning to show them off :-)

Morning came and we headed to church. Thereafter, Rog treated me to a lovely lunch.

We took a spontaneous drive to the Zoo, where we've never been to together. It was lovely! Walking around hand-in-hand, gazing at God's creations - perfect.

Darryl and I at the Zoo

It really made me appreciate God so much more.

I thank Him for my life. I thank Him for the family he had chosen to raise me. I thank Him for the years of education I have. I thank Him for the husband He has given me. I thank Him for our home. I thank Him for my career. I thank Him for our future. I thank Him for the children we will have. I thank Him for his grace.

Happy Birthday to me, Thank You Daddy God.

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