Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Ah! What a wonderful birthday weekend! *5-12-10

We stayed up on Saturday and when 12 hit the clock my darling husband gave me my fabulous gifts! Now I couldn't wait until morning to show them off :-)

Morning came and we headed to church. Thereafter, Rog treated me to a lovely lunch.

We took a spontaneous drive to the Zoo, where we've never been to together. It was lovely! Walking around hand-in-hand, gazing at God's creations - perfect.

Darryl and I at the Zoo

It really made me appreciate God so much more.

I thank Him for my life. I thank Him for the family he had chosen to raise me. I thank Him for the years of education I have. I thank Him for the husband He has given me. I thank Him for our home. I thank Him for my career. I thank Him for our future. I thank Him for the children we will have. I thank Him for his grace.

Happy Birthday to me, Thank You Daddy God.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I SPY PRETTY: New Ways With Old Suitcases

Oh I love all things vintage! So when I saw the word in the cutest blog ever "I SPY PRETTY", I knew it would be good! And it was, have a look.

I SPY PRETTY: New Ways With Old Suitcases: "I love anything vintage..especially vintage suitcases. Here are a few fabulous ways to showcase them in different ways. Makes you want to g..."

My home is undergoing a bit of a metamorphasis so I'm excited to work this look!

A Rose on your Wedding Day

Eight months ago I got married.

The thrill of wedding planning is amazing! It's fun, frustrating but fabulous! Especially fabulous when you have good people to help make your day. Of the countless faces that helped me, are three beauties - my bridesmaids.

Eight months later, my Maid of Honour and cousin is planning her special day. Cherrie Diedricks, on your wedding day you will truly become a Rose.

*Selwyn Rose, even I had a use for you!

The oldest fossil of a rose dates back more than 35 million years! How fitting, then, that this should be the symbol of everlasting love.

Che, you too, proved yourself popular and likeable to all who meet you - like this, the most popular flower worldwide. The rose, beautiful in all it's colours, is just like you. A true beauty whether in jeans and pumps or heals and LBD.

So my message to you, comes from every colour of the rose:

I wish you many red roses, a symbol of courage and respect.

On your day I wish you all the white you can imagine, in honour of the secrecy, loyalty, reverence, purity and humility of your marriage.

May your journey together bring you yellow roses too - joy and deep friendship, knowing trials and tribulation you will face on this ride.

I pray for many pink roses, new loves, as you become a mother one day.

May your love stay like a purple rose, magical. 

And lastly, always aim for Blue - what the books call impossible.  

I am so excited for you! I've experience marriage to be spectacular. With someone at your side, your strength is doubled, your weakness halved. And your life, an adventure.

Happy planning. I don't mind listening to you change your mind on colours or venues and themes a few times, and I certainly don't mind seeing you smile.